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The United Nations’ ‘Program in Aging’ report states that currently 1 in 10 persons in the world is 60 yrs or older. This number will change to 1 in 5 persons by the year 2050. This growth of the senior population poses a serious public health challenge for our societies since age is the greatest predictor of dementia. As our population ages, the incidence of dementia will steadily increase. No cures exist at the moment for the various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD). However, new biomedical and cognitive treatments emerge that show promise for either slowing disease progression and/or preventing conversion of milder forms of age-associated cognitive decline (i.e. Mild Cognitive Impairment) to more severe dementias (i.e. AD). Furthermore, cognitive neuroscience and medical research has identified a number of new and promising early-markers for identifying seniors at risk of dementia, prior to the onset of clinical symptomatology.

The CNS satellite symposium entitled “Prevention of Neurodegenerative Disease: Recent Findings and Future Directions” will showcase the work of 8 clinician scientists and cognitive neuroscientists who conduct dementia and aging research aimed at developing biomedical and cognitive interventions for treating seniors with dementia, and at identifying valid neuropsychological and/or biological markers for early detection and monitoring of cognitive function in healthy seniors, seniors exhibiting early signs of cognitive impairment, and seniors with diagnosed dementia. The key motivation for this line of research is prediction and prevention of dementia in our rapidly aging societies. We hope you will join us on Saturday April 17, 2010 for a full-day symposium to learn and discuss these important issues facing Aging and Dementia Research.


The Symposium Organizers

Jens Pruessner, PhDNatasha Rajah, PhD
Director, McGill Centre for Studies in AgingAssociate Professor
Director, Aging and Alzheimer Research Axis, Douglas InstituteGeriatric Psychiatry Division, Douglas Mental Health Institute
Associate Professor, Depts. of Psychology, Psychiatry, Neurology andDepartment of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine,
Neurosurgery, McGill University, Montreal, QC, CanadaMcGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada